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I build custom furniture designed and handcrafted to enhance your everyday life. The furnishings in your home are a reflection of your personality.
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Growing up in a family where the father is a custom home builder and the mother is a designer it seems only right that I design and work with wood. Since I was very young I have been in and around the cabinet shop. This proved very helpful in my college days at Montana State University Architectural School.  Over the past 40 plus years I have designed and built many different projects.

Ideas that may interest you:

Cabinets includes built-ins, bookcases, entertainment centers, vanities, kitchen islands.  

Furniture - includes dining room tables and chairs, hutches, chest, beds, wardrobe, desks. 

Accessories -  includes bath and kitchen, mirrors, coat racks, mantels.

How Do I work
I design and build one project at a time. Design phases consist of a initial visit with you. You give me your ideas, likes and dislikes, in wood, color, and so on. I will then produces and rough free hand sketch along with a estimate. We will then meet again at that meeting you will either be delighted or send me on my way. If you like what you see I will then produce drawings that I can build from. I will then get your signature  and a 50% down payment. My next step is then to purchase materials and hardware and start on your project. Time frame is based on current commissioned work in production plus the time to build your piece of custom furniture. Typical  I am booked up for 12 to 16 weeks.  

Why buy custom made furniture? Have you ever stood back and looked at that furniture piece or that cabinet in the showroom? Notice how the color of all the pieces of the set are the same. Well, that is due to the stain added to the finish that makes every piece the same color and gives a muddy look to the finish. The grain hardly shows through. A custom handmade piece does not have that look. The craftsman chooses wood that has the desired grain and accents instead of coloring the finish coat. The real beauty of the wood will then shows through. 

Material used by furniture manufactures is not hand selected. It is bought by the truck load.  I hand select all my own woods piece by piece. This is a very time consuming, but the results are worth it. Remember high quality materials are not what makes furniture expensive. It is the labor. Also the factory pays  the middleman, trucking companies, crating,  and additional  overhead  that I do not. I'm sure  you get the point.    

Construction details are another way the factories can save time and money. They use computer controlled machinery to dowel and biscuit joint their materials. I use mortise and tenon  joints, dove tail joints. These are old time craftsman joints that have lasted for years and years.

Cost of custom made furniture is of course more than you typical furniture show room that handles that North Carolina factory furniture. Try looking at your upper lines like  Stickley, Guy Chaddock, and even the lines by Ethan Allen. I can compete with these companies and many times beat their prices. 

Your design to fit that spot. If you need a armoire that will house a 33" TV and fit in that corner you can have it made. Try that with one of the other companies.

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