retro style  Childs bookcase

Traditional style bookcase for a childs rooml custom made by RJ Fine Woodworking

Dimensions: 84" W x 11"d x 102" h
Materials: Soft maple
Finish: Custom mixed off white lacquer.
Price as Shown:
$ 2,725.00 (plus cost of installation) Price is approximate and can vary widely depending on design specifics and choice of finish. Built-in units can only be quoted for the Memphis area

Bookcases are such a quick and great solution to storage; a problem in any room but especially in a child's room. This bookcase is finished in a tinted lacquer to match the room's trim color. All shelves are 3/4" thick and are adjustable. Attention was given to the corner treatment so that the base and top trim made a nice smooth radius.

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